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What To Do During Such Times of Uncertainty

Uncertainty is a constant in life. As much as we would like to pretend it doesn’t exist, it does exist in various degrees, somewhere in the background, all the time…like white noise. So as people sit and debate about how life’s going to be post-Trump, let’s just take a few minutes to ground ourselves, and remember a few things;

Just because the environment is scary and uncertain, that doesn’t mean that you shed your core values and stop living by them. If anything, the world needs your kindness and creativity more than ever before, and how you interact with the world is a function of you…not of your neighbors…not of the president-elect…but of you.

Separate your fears from the facts, separate others’ opinions from the facts….At this point in time, I would personally stop listening to the news, or be very, very, very skeptical while reading the news because they obviously got soooo much wrong this year….Develop the sense to know what’s true and what’s only broadcasted to attract clicks and FB shares….

But have contingency plans. A little bit of anxiety is not very bad because it would help you take stock of your inventory — intellectual, social, financial — and plan ahead.

Focus on what you can control. There are many things in life that you can’t control, and spending so much mental energy thinking about it is a waste of your time.

Breathe. Breathe…exercise…engage in life fully in order to lessen the anxiety that comes with worrying about the future. Watch the sunset, enjoy the feel of the waves crashing against your feet, make art, hug your family and friends and tell them that you love them…
So how are you applying to deal with such times of uncertainty? Leave a comment below, or tweet me @ahechoes ….

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