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This blog is going on hiatus until further notice. Feel free to explore past blog posts;

On Journaling

Your First Step to Being a Renaissance (Wo)man
The First 21 Pages of Your Journal
The Next 13 pages of your Journal
Don’t Have Time to Journal? Try These Quick Journaling Techniques

On Procrastination

5 Ways You’re Procrastinating Without Knowing It
5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination
The Procrastination Equation
5 Ways to Improve Your Focus

On Education

Teaching In The Age of Google
Engineering Starts With People
3 Ways Our Schools Fail Us


To read my work of fiction, follow the links below to get my collection of short stories titled “All Bleeding Stops and Other Short Stories from the Kenyan Coast”. Alternatively, email me to inquire about M-Pesa payments if you want to purchase it in Kenya.
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