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If Being Average Depresses You, Remember This

I don’t know about you but it seems all the advice out there is pushing you to do more, be richer, be thinner and…The standard for super-success has become so high, it’s becoming impossible to compete and statistically, a lot of us will just fall into the average lot….you know the ones that don’t wake up at 4 am in the morning, neither do they drink kale smoothies and hit the gym 10 times a week…

Once I was staring out the window at the highway right nine stories below, and I saw this guy cycling along the highway, cars zooming by. As I wrote about it here;

I wondered how he felt moving at a snail’s pace in the dust comparison with cars passing by at 100 kph at least. But then again, can you compare the legpower of an average male with the horsepower of an engine? This guy made me see that sometimes in life, we really need to stop comparing ourselves to the people around us.

The crux of the problem turns to this; how do you maximize your potential while at the same time accept yourself? I’m still trying to figure it out, and the answer that people throw all the time; focus on growing your strengths, work on the limits of your comfort zone, be better today than you were yesterday…are too generic, nobody can decide on a solution but you. And that requires a lot of personal experiments.

So sometimes you’ve got to be comfortable with snoozing your alarm 50 times, or going on Infinity Youtube Spirals, if you know you’re still trying your best but your best is not good enough because you’re simply average, and the best way to be comfortable with the flawed person that you are is to affirm it using the most beautiful line I’ve personally used for this specific purpose (from The Help by Kathryn Stockett)

You is smart, you is kind, you is important

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