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Don’t Have Time to Journal? Try These Quick Journaling Techniques

A common problem among people is that they get excited about journaling after reading posts like Your First Step to Being a Renaissance (Wo)man so they start on their journaling journey for one or two weeks…

Or one or two days…and then they quit. You may ask,

Is there an easy way to build the journaling habit?

Does each journal entry have to be 3 pages as mentioned in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way?

How can I focus the intention of a journal to building my life instead of simply keeping record of what I wore and that day?

That’s why ideas such as the 5-minute journal are awesome! This journal a bit pricey, but it was built with positive psychology research in mind. The pages start with inspiring quotes and weekly challenges. Then you fill it up with what you’re grateful for, the things that would make today great, 3 amazing things that happened today, daily affirmations and how you could’ve made the day better. I like the idea because it basically strips away the inessential parts and focuses your attention on your goals, what you’re grateful for and also gives you a chance to reflect on what happened during the day and how you could have done better.


A second journaling idea is the One-Sentence journal by Gretchen Rubin, where you summarize the highlight of the day in a single sentence – or more – thus keeping a written record of your fleeting memories. The official edition sold on amazon is a 5 year one that provides a daily reminder of where you were on the same day the year before.

And if you can’t afford either, you can adopt the same ideas in your cheap yellow-covered Kasuku journal.

Let me know if you’ve started a journal on twitter @ahechoes #journaling…

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